Whyを込めたゲームで世界の人々の感情をつなげる Whyを込めたゲームで世界の人々の感情をつなげる
We aim to pursue faith and meaningfulness through our characters and game experiences,
and let players around the world bond over our unique creations.


日本最高峰の開発力と運営力を兼ね備えた運営ゲーム企業へ日本発グローバルヒットを生み出す 日本最高峰の開発力と運営力を兼ね備えた運営ゲーム企業へ日本発グローバルヒットを生み出す
Our love and passion for games and the power to pour our soul into our creations
has been deeply cultivated ever since our founding.
We aspire to continuously provide smash hits with our unique strength.

Our aim is to become a world-class game management company that represents the 2020s,
by refining our traditional strengths of operational capabilities (live operations),
and by maximizing our development and expression skills to bring out the charm of our characters to the utmost.


Together with my colleagues, I wanted to create Japan’s leading game company that influences people around the world. For this reason, the game division of Akatsuki Co., Ltd. was spun off into “Akatsuki Games Co., Ltd.” in order to prepare for a deeper and longer challenge.

Born in the 1980’s, I grew up surrounded by high quality entertainment, such as games, manga and anime. I am grateful for the environment that I was given, and therefore love them from the bottom of my heart. Especially in the 1990s and 2000s, the Japanese game industry has made great progress and had a tremendous influence on the world. However, over the last 30 years, game industries in each country have grown, and the position of Japanese games in the world is shifting.

Luckily, even in this situation, Akatsuki’s game business grew during the 2010s, when social games were booming. We have big plans already drawn out for the future and a tightly knit team of professionals, ready to turn them into reality.

Creating meaningful and games imbued with “why,” Akatsuki Games aims to make global smash hits. Moreover, we will continue to grow and evolve alongside the industry's technological and cultural advances, into a leading game company that can represent our country on a global stage.

Yuki Totsuka, President and CEO

Akatsuki Games aims to be Japan's top game company.

Game development was once Japan’s specialty. With our pride in Japan’s gaming spirit, we aspire to challenge the world.

To realize this dream, what we need to do is very simple: create amusing games that excite people around the world.

Today's technologies, as well as fidelity of visuals, multilingual, multi-platform support etc. require strong expertise; and the scale of development is increasing at an accelerating pace. Naturally, there are tons of challenges.

However, just like climbing a steep mountain becomes enjoyable just by imagining the majestic scenery at the top, we believe that we can challenge ourselves to reach this magnificent goal.

For this, we spare no time and effort, play diverse games, and immerse ourselves in development. With our amazing team, I am confident that we can achieve our vision.

Shuhei Yamguchi, Executive Vice President